In Korean, “Kum Sung” means Golden Star, and as just one of many Kum Sung affiliates around the world, Master Kim’s Kum Sung strives to create many “Golden Stars” in the St Louis, MO & Fairview Heights, IL area.


Using philosophies handed down through many generations of ancient Asian cultures. Students of the Master Kim’s Kum Sung Martial Arts will develop not only into very well-rounded martial artists, but secure, positive, self-confident, and emotionally and physically fit people.


Now open over 4 years in Fairview Heights, IL, & Over 2 Years St Louis, MO Area, Master Kim happy with the enormous amount of growth in the number of students who have enrolled. Master Kim was born in South Korea and has been involved in martial arts since he was 5 years old, he’s now 44, so he has over 38 years of training and experience.” The knowledge he has accumulated over the years include Hapkido (the art of self defense), Tae Kwon Do, Kum do, weapon forms such as the sais, nunchucks, sword, fan, kamas, bo staff and much more.

Master Kim places a strong emphasis on positive thinking and positive attitudes that will encourage the self-esteem that allows students to bring out the very best in themselves, to see rewards in life, and to overcome negative thoughts and actionThe instructors at Kum Sung are personally trained my Grand Master Kum Sung, who has over 55 years of experience training thousands of students, some of which include national champions and military forces here and around the world.


Each instructor is involved in ongoing training. Instructors customize the training of each age group with considerations for their physical, emotional and mental development. Our students ages range from 2 years old to “mature”.The most important thing we want is for our students to build their confidence, first and foremost. As long as they do the best they can, they’ll progress in martial arts. Every child is created equal here and is treated equally.” Program director Michelle Kim says.


Classes are taught without pressure and are always meant to be a fun learning experience, we do not teach a military style of learning. Instructors work with each student and help them learn at their own pace.The Community takes a very important role in the philosophies of Master Kim’s Kum Sung. Giving back and serving the community is all part of learning. “We have a demonstration team that appears at community events, schools, fundraisers and other such venues.


If you are interested in having our Demo team perform at your venue or community function please do not hesitate to call!” Master Kim said.We do offer birthday parties on Sunday’s which includes 1 month of free lesson’s to all who attend the party, a demonstration from our demo team, and you won’t have to lift a finger! We set up everything and clean up everything so you can sit back and enjoy your child’s party!

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