Adult Program

Many adults believe that martial arts training is something that only teens, children or young people are able to do. But our martial arts program for adults is different. If you want to relieve stress, build strength and flexibility, prevent bone mass loss and gain an attitude that gives you that air of confidence that discourages physical attack, then you owe it to yourself to begin training in our adult classes

Kid Program

Our unique martial arts program is specialized to prepare young students for life both in and out of the educational environment. Students learn important life skills in a fun, exciting and enriching manner.

Your child will develop better physical fitness as well as learn the value of team work, good manners and trying their best in school and in home.

After School Program

Martial Arts combines physical fitness and a character education to build confidence in kids!

Martial Arts is a proven program for building confidence.Your child will learn to set and achieve goals to help lay the foundation for a successful life.

Family Program

Martial Arts is the perfect family activity because everyone can participate at the same time! Children and parents can attend our family classes and practice the same skills with others their own size and age while sharing a common experience. Everyone learns together and nobody feels left out!